Can a Document Examiner Help Clear My Name?

Document Examiner

When someone is being held accountable for documents, such as contracts or credit card receipts that they did not sign, a document examiner may be able to help establish their innocence.

In an age of high tech identity theft, many are surprised to discover that a good portion of fraud is still attempted in the old fashioned way – by simply signing someone else’s name without authorization. A victim can lose thousands, even millions of dollars if he is held liable for a forgery of his own signature.

Worse yet, if someone signs an illegal document (such as a threatening letter), the victim could actually be held criminally liable for something he or she didn’t do. The best way to prove whether or not someone signed a document is by submitting the document in question to an independent document examination. Forensic examination by a trained and competent document examiner can be admissible as evidence in a court of law and could be used to clear or identify someone of responsibility for the signing of contracts or other documents.

If you are a forgery victim, be careful to use a document examiner who has been properly trained. When document examination is involved, the forensic experience of the questioned document examiner can make or break the credibility of a case. There are many who offer their services as document examiners, but who haven’t completed the minimum two-year apprenticeship with an experienced document examiner qualified to train others. This is the standard set by the Scientific Working Group for Forensic Document Examiners (SWGDOC) for a forensic document examiner that is widely espoused by every credible professional organization of document examiners.

Linda L. Mitchell is a forensic document examiner with extensive experience examining handwriting and signatures. Adding even further to the credibility of her testimony is that work provided by Ms. Mitchell is often peer reviewed by an expert with over 33 years in the field of document examination.