How to Prepare Documents for Examination

If you have an original document in question, protect the original document in a report cover, file folder or envelope. Avoid handling it more than necessary. Be careful to keep the document(s) separate from the area you are writing so as not to cause indentations to original document. Keep it away from potential spills, heat and humidity.

If the document in question is a photocopy, do not place it in a plastic cover, but store it in a file folder. Avoid making additional markings, staple holes or folds on the document. Sometimes, all you will have is a photocopy, but if the original exists, it will be important to provide it as soon as it becomes available.

If I am comparing a given handwriting to the writing in question, the more examples we have to compare, the better. (These are known as “EXEMPLARS”) Gather any and all documents that are known to be written by that person. It is preferable for the writing to be dated at about the same time as the questioned writing. It is also very helpful to provide original (i.e. ink pen) writing. If there is someone you suspect of writing the questioned document gather writings of the suspect as well.

The best evidence is the original document if it exists; however, a qualified conclusion can often be reached from a photocopy. In any case, I will look at what you have and decide how to proceed. When sending your documents, I can arrange to meet you or you may send your documents via courier service (FedEx, UPS) with a tracking system. I will take good care of your evidence when it arrives and return it to you at the conclusion of your case.