Did Your Client Sign The Document?

Forged Signatures on Legal Documents

When your client does not believe that he signed a document, it is time to dig a little deeper. It may be plain to him that he would not knowingly have signed such an agreement, but when you see the signature, it looks okay to you. So, how do you solve this dilemma? It may… Read more »

Always pay for an expert report

If you are planning on hiring an expert and you are on such a tight budget that you only want a verbal opinion, you should probably ask your boss for some overtime hours. It is always nice to find out what the expert has to offer in the way of support for an opinion. But,… Read more »

Computerized Handwriting

I just read on gizmodo.com that researchers at the University College London have developed new software that can “perfectly” replicate anyone’s handwriting. I suppose to a layperson, that sounds “perfectly” feasible. After all, computers can do a lot of things that we never would have dreamed of. But, I question how can a computer algorithm… Read more »

Are you paying too much for your expert?

Does your expert really cost that much? Let’s face it, litigation is a pricey proposition for the average person. The time and money spent to take an injustice to court has become prohibitive for all but the most egregious of personal cases. The principals involved are often trumped by the practicalities of paying the attorney… Read more »

Spotting Fraudulent Education Documents and Degrees

The past few decades has seen a large increase in the number colleges across the United States graduating new students into the workforce. But what if many of the people claiming that they graduating from college are really just using forged documents? Forged degrees have been showing up more often in recent years. So, if… Read more »

Certification is not for the Faint of Heart

I am very proud to announce that I have successfully completed testing by the American Board of Forensic Document Examiners required for certification. The letters, “D-ABFDE” that follow my name indicate that I am a Diplomate of ABFDE. By achieving this designation, I have been certified as having the necessary skills and qualifications to perform the… Read more »

Forensics in the Age of Electronics: Can your texts identify you like handwriting does?

  When you think of the forensic world, what is the first thing that comes to your mind (after CSI, of course)? Well, chances are you think of the past. After all, forensic specialists gather and examine information about the past. More importantly, perhaps, it is the study of how much someone leaves behind, floating… Read more »

Are We Witnessing the Death of Handwriting?

Handwriting, whether in cursive or print, has long been one of the oldest forms of communication between people. The incredible rise of technology in recent years that allows for digital forms of communication has greatly reduced the amount of people who rely on handwritten communication. Some have even wondered if e-mail and texting will spell… Read more »

Five Ways to Get the Best from Your Handwriting Expert

1.  Ask as many questions as you can. If this is your first experience with a Forensic Document Examiner, it is likely you will have loads of questions. Most experts are glad to answer your questions to help you understand just what it is we do. It is also important to understand what we do… Read more »