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Spotting Fraudulent Education Documents and Degrees

The past few decades has seen a large increase in the number colleges across the United States graduating new students into the workforce. But what if many of the people claiming that they graduating from college are really just using forged documents? Forged degrees have been showing up more often in recent years. So, if… Read more »

Certification is not for the Faint of Heart

I am very proud to announce that I have successfully completed testing by the American Board of Forensic Document Examiners required for certification. The letters, “D-ABFDE” that follow my name indicate that I am a Diplomate of ABFDE. By achieving this designation, I have been certified as having the necessary skills and qualifications to perform the… Read more »

Hurry up and Wait

Being an expert witness has its ups and downs. One day you are packing carefully for an onsite examination  in Nairobi, the next day the proceedings have stalled and the thought of the cases you have turned down because of your travel plans reminds you how fickle is the justice system, both here and abroad…. Read more »

The Typewriter Returns!

This report makes me glad I paid attention during the typewriter segment of my training in document examination. Here’s the link

What is a Handwriting Expert?

Los Angeles, San Diego Handwriting Expert Have you ever tried using the internet to find someone who could determine if the handwriting on your document is authentic? What do you search for? The average person might type in “Handwriting Expert”. The resulting list of websites could include people who teach children how to write in… Read more »

Finding A Forensic Document Expert

Forensic Document Expert You have found yourself in a situation where you need to consult with an expert. Your case requires the resolution of an issue  in order to proceed. Now the question is, how do you find the right expert? Referral Agencies Since you are reading this blog, you obviously are using the internet…. Read more »

Photocopies for Evidence – Beware

Forensic Document Examination If you have ever contacted a forensic document examiner with an issue of authentication or a question about a possible change made to a document, one of the first questions she will ask is, “Do you have the originals or just copies?” Many times, the original document is nowhere to be found…. Read more »

The Expert Opinion – Part Two

Questioned Document Examination Just about everyone has at one time or another expressed an opinion about something, only later to regret being quite so bold when circumstances change or the opinion is no longer valid. That’s okay in everyday life, and most of the time people will accept that kind of turnabout. But flip-flop doesn’t… Read more »