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Five Steps to Verifying A Handwritten Will

Examining a Handwritten Document

From time to time, I get a call from the family or friends of a deceased loved one who has found a will stashed away that appears to have been handwritten and signed by the decedent. They checked with their attorney first, who recommended that they give me a call. If there is any question… Read more »

Are We Witnessing the Death of Handwriting?

Handwriting, whether in cursive or print, has long been one of the oldest forms of communication between people. The incredible rise of technology in recent years that allows for digital forms of communication has greatly reduced the amount of people who rely on handwritten communication. Some have even wondered if e-mail and texting will spell… Read more »

Five Ways to Get the Best from Your Handwriting Expert

1.  Ask as many questions as you can. If this is your first experience with a Forensic Document Examiner, it is likely you will have loads of questions. Most experts are glad to answer your questions to help you understand just what it is we do. It is also important to understand what we do… Read more »